After you enroll your child to Kindermusik, your child will receive a

icon-music-note-kindermusik-green-2000x2000-2000x2000 one 30 minutes to 1 hour class per week, according to the program.
icon-music-note-kindermusik-dark-purple-2000x2000-2000x2000 Registration package with registration
icon-music-note-kindermusik-blue-2000x2000-2000x2000 Home Material with each program available on own expense
icon-music-note-kindermusik-green-2000x2000-2000x2000 take-home Feedback report for school programs from the Kindermusik educator  each semester
icon-music-note-kindermusik-dark-purple-2000x2000-2000x2000 Certificate from Kindermusik SA at the end of the year

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