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What kinds of people find opportunity and fulfillment through Kindermusik?      All kinds!   Put yourself in this picture, and see success.

Kindermusik is the most respected and beloved name in music and movement programs for children. By becoming a Kindermusik licensed educator or business owner, you can join our growing community of educators teaching children in more than 70 countries. Teachers around the world love the flexibility of owning their own business, our easy-to-teach research-based lessons, the low start-up costs, and the professional development opportunities. The family of Kindermusik educators includes parents, music education teachers, music lovers, and entrepreneurs. Kindermusik educators share a common calling to connect a love for kids with a talent for music by teaching children through music and movement.

Let us show you how to enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business all while fulfilling your dream of teaching children through music.

Kindermusik educators and business owners are a remarkably diverse group, from parents and teachers to music lovers and entrepreneurs. What they all share is a love for children, a talent for music, and a passion for bringing them together. Take a look at people like you who’ve created a successful business doing something they love.

Create a career from your love of children! As a Kindermusik educator, you’ll bring joy and education to your children and others, and set your own income goals while working your preferred hours, close to home and family.

Teach the way you’ve always wanted to: in a supportive environment free of tests and bureaucratic demands. Expand your skills with our professional training, and apply them in a studio or daycare setting.

Imagine starting your own business with an investment of less than $500. Kindermusik provides the training and marketing support, you choose the location and business hours—and the tuition revenue is yours to keep.

Music Teachers
Welcome even the youngest children to your studio and give them a lifelong love of music. Expand your services, reach new families, and increase your revenue by offering Kindermusik classes.

Music Therapists
Complement your one-on-one therapy with group classes that allow you to attract new clients, integrate special needs children with their non-disabled peers, and increase your income and employment opportunities.

Dance Studio
Introduce children to rhythm and movement in their very first years. Kindermusik brings new families to your studio and strengthens your marketing with our trusted name and promotional tools.

Music Store
Draw in families with the youngest children—new customers who’ll develop a lifelong love of music and a strong connection to your store. Kindermusik enhances your marketing and brings in new income.

Cultural Institution
Universities, orchestras, arts academies, community centers and more: Grow your membership by reaching young families through the most respected name in early music education. Kindermusik fosters a lasting love of music and creative expression.

Religious Congregation
Kindermusik’s wholesome, family-centered programs are a great way to engage young families and make use of space that sits empty during the week. Incorporate your own music traditions and help build joy in your faith.

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