1. See Success

What kinds of people find opportunity and fulfillment through Kindermusik? All kinds! Put yourself in this picture, and see success.

Kindermusik educators and business owners are a remarkably diverse group, from parents and teachers to music lovers and entrepreneurs. What they all share is a love for children, a talent for music, and a passion for bringing them together. Take a look at people like you who’ve created a successful business doing something they love.

See Success

2. Choose a Path

Be a part of the Kindermusik family. Choose the path that suits your interests, and get expert training and ongoing support.

Start Your Own Program
You can launch a new career and be your own boss by starting a Kindermusik business and teaching it yourself. Or become licensed as a business owner and team up with Kindermusik educators to offer programs at your existing business or institution.


Teach with the help of a Licenced Buisiness Owner
Don’t want to be a business owner? You can still have a great career bringing joy and education to young children. Team up with a licensed Kindermusik educator and teach as a fully licenced Kindermusik assistant.


Choose A Path

3. Signup to become a Kindermusik Educator


Signup here and join us today!

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