Parents tell us Kindermusik educators are the greatest—and we agree! We choose them for the passion they bring to their work, and we train them in skills that inspire children and parents.

Who They Are
Kindermusik educators are a diverse group, from musicians and child-care experts to parents like you. Many first learned about us from bringing their own children to Kindermusik classes! They have tons of energy and the ability to communicate with parents as well as kids. Above all, they have a love for children, a talent for music, and a passion for bringing them together.


How We Train Them
Our educators have all completed rigorous training in order to earn their Kindermusik license. They’re steeped in child development and music concepts. They learn how music and movement contribute to children’s growth, and how they can facilitate the process. They learn how to tap into different learning styles and how to reach all kinds of children: infants and older children, the shy and the outgoing, as well as children with cognitive or physical limitations.

Our educators learn everything from how to set up a classroom to how to build relationships with the families they serve. Find a class, get to know a Kindermusik educator, and see for yourself!

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