Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children, enjoyed by over 1 million families in more than 60 countries.

About The CEO

Dr Heidi Twilley studied music at two Universities in South Africa and obtained her B.Mus.Ed in 1982 (Free State University), Honors Baccalareus Musicae in 1984 (North West University) and Magister Musicae in 2010 (North West University). She obtained her Doctorate Degree in Prenatal Psychology, at the Atlantic International University (USA), and developed a Prenatal Music Stimulation Group Program for expectant parents – first of its kind in the world. She is the only person in South Africa that obtained a Doctorate in this specific field, and one of a few in the world.

In her capacity as CEO and President of Kindermusik South Africa, Dr Twilley runs the Head Office in South Africa as well as personally presenting all the different studio programs in her studio. She conducts onsite practical training with each new licensed educator in Southern Africa.

Proud To Be Employee-Owned
In 2002 Kindermusik International’s employees purchased the company from its 96 investors, a model it maintains to this day.

Employee ownership means many things. To Kindermusik employee-owners, it means we are informed about every aspect of the company, our ideas are taken seriously, and we all share in the company’s success. To the people we serve, it means a culture of community that begins in our Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters and encompasses every program, every educator, every child, and every family that participates in Kindermusik. It means we’re committed to a balance of work and play, and dedicated to lifelong learning.

 Kindermusik Children’s Fund
We believe every child should have the opportunity to benefit from Kindermusik. To bring that ideal closer to reality, we’ve established the Kindermusik Children’s Fund. The Fund provides Kindermusik materials to children who are physically or emotionally challenged, financially or educationally disadvantaged, or have lost a parent. We rely on the matching generosity of Kindermusik educators to provide free tuition so children in need can share in the Kindermusik experience.

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